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New profession born out of piracy

At Spycatcher Online one of the most noticeable features of business over the last 2 years has been the increase in body armour sales to security companies specialising in protecting cargo ships and tankers in the dangerous waters off Somalia. An industry study has put the cost of piracy to the global economy in these […]

US Goes Back to School in Body Armour

American children returning to school in the next few days will find that over the Summer holidays many former places of learning have been transformed in to high-tech stockades. In the wake of last December’s mass murder at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut – where a gunman killed 26 people, 20 of them children […]

Laser Listening

The Snowden story is back in the news again hence this blog on Laser Listening. The talk in the press now is that the UK Government has demanded that all the files that the Guardian newspaper has on Snowdon’s revelations and the whole NSA Surveillance program should be either handed over or destroyed.

Cellular Jammers

We all know what an unbelievable tool for everyday life a cellular phone is. Having had them around for so long it is unimaginable how difficult life would be without them. But despite all the advantages that they bring they can also be an awful nuisance, and not only that they can also compromise our […]