Snooping is normal, say the experts

When Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, was told last week that her trusty Nokia 6210 Slide had been monitored by the US National Security Agency (NSA) from Fort Meade, Maryland, her reaction seemed to be one of genuine outrage.

What she might have paused to consider, however, was that if the phone, which she had had for four years before getting a Blackberry Z10 in July, was so insecure then the Chinese and the Russians were probably also listening in.

It is highly likely as well, according to American intelligence sources, that officers at Britain’s GCHQ in Cheltenham, along with French spies, were eavesdropping too.

It seems incredibly naïve of the people in charge of Angela Merkel’s security not to have ensured that she was using a cellular phone fitted with Governmental level encryption from the very first day that she took office.

Ironically, the GSM phone network in Europe is so easy to penetrate largely because it was designed on the advice of continental spy agencies eager to be able to monitor conversations. The NSA was so concerned about President Barack Obama’s commercial Blackberry when he took office in 2009 that it persuaded him to use a secure one at a cost of $14,000.00.

For the normal domestic, and more particularly corporate user there are cheaper options available from Spycatcheronline. The Securephone encrypted HTC Cellular phone (SECPHOHT347) which also offers exceptionally high level encryption is on offer at a price of £925.00 (Excluding VAT) each.

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Whichever system you choose you will need at least two units (Or as many more as you may require). When you make an encrypted call your speech is scrambled. The person receiving your call at the other end will need a matching encryptor to unscramble your speech into normal intelligible language. Anyone trying to intercept your call will only hear scrambled unintelligible sound.

Jane Bond