For years now we have been defending the products that we sell on our website www.spycatcheronline.co.uk and explaining to everyone that will listen that the surveillance and counter surveillance products in our inventory are not designed to harm anyone, but they are designed to protect the users. Like many devices they can be used for the wrong reason and this is when the adverse publicity Kicks in and people forget about the many legitimate uses.

It may be that you are worried about your house being broken in to. Maybe you are concerned about your children being bullied. Is someone being aggressive towards you at work? How are your elderly parents being looked after in their care home? Who keeps vandalising your car? How many times must my house be broken into before the Police catch the culprit?? What are my children doing on the internet every night and who are they in touch with?  The list is endless and we could write 50,000 words on the areas that worry us.HD Glasses smallPIR Camera smallOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Is there a common denominator in all of this? Yes of course there is.

These are all areas where you feel under threat, worried and concerned for not only your wellbeing but that of your family. There is another common factor in all these matters. They are all areas where you are almost certain to get no help from the Police. If you want to deal with these issues you may have to do it yourself and at the very least, you need to collect unequivocal evidence to support your concerns.

It is so simple to hide a covert camera in your home to try and get evidence as to who keeps breaking in or vandalising your property.  A simple bedside clock radio with a hidden camera DVR in your parents’ care home room may help to reassure you that they are being well looked after, and if they are not, well at least you will have the evidence to do something about it.

A covert key logger plugged into the back of your home computer will enable you to see who your children are talking to over the internet.  It will even take snapshots of the screen they are viewing. Maybe you want to be sure that the websites that they are looking at are appropriate. What parent does not want to protect their children by monitoring their computer?

When your young children go out at night how worrying is it when you try to call them and they don’t answer. Well of course they won’t because they know it’s you and they don’t want to be told to come home by 11.00pm. They will always tell you the battery was flat or they were in a dead spot when you tried to call – we’ve all been there but they think they are one step ahead of us. Well here’s the answer. You can install an App called Ignore No More which will disable their phone remotely if they don’t answer your call. This will stop them going on social media or calling anyone else other than the emergency services.

Apart from our DeLuxe key logger  install eBlaster or Teensafe and get a copy of your children’s e-mails, pictures, passwords in other words – EVERYTHING!!

And then the inevitable happens, before you know it they are not kids anymore, but young adults and they are driving. So what can you do about that? Plenty!

You can fit a tracker to their car so that you know where they are going, how fast they are driving and you can set up a Geo-fence so that the tracker alerts you if they go outside a pre-determined area. You can fit an in-car camera and digital video recorder which will let you see how they are driving (and help defending any accident cases should they be involved in one), where they have been and how fast they were going.

You may not like the sound of all of this “Spying” on your children and we certainly don’t advocate using all the equipment and Apps that are out there, that would certainly be intrusive, but there will almost certainly be something that worries you and when there is you can be sure that there is something available to help either put you at ease, or address the problem.  You can also choose to let your kids know they have support from you via using some of these products and services.  One day they might need them if their car ever got stolen for example, you would simply login to the tracker and know exactly where it was!