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This Morning show on Securing your Valuables

At the start of August Spycatcheronline.co.uk featured in Alice Beer’s segment in ITV’s This Morning show. With the rise of burglaries in private homes Alice Beer showed all the different means of securing valuables within the home.   This is where Spycatcheronline’s products such as the various can safes featured. Here at Spycatcheronline we offer […]

Thief Caught on Camera

Thief Caught on Camera There are many headlines appearing in the papers lately: “Thief put himself into the frame” “Prolific burglar caught on CCTV” “Suspect arrested on attack on mother caught on Nanny Cam” “Parents’ Nightmare Caught On Tape As Burglar Breaks In” Even though in some cases the burglar panics and steals the camera […]

Amazing Number of Customers Buying Trackers

The sale of trackers at Spycatcheronline has increased dramatically over the last 12 months. It’s even taken us by surprise. Why is this? Well to start with tracking devices have become much more accessible to ordinary members of the public. The number of different trackers available has increased. There are now personal trackers, car trackers, […]