At the start of August featured in Alice Beer’s segment in ITV’s This Morning show. With the rise of burglaries in private homes Alice Beer showed all the different means of securing valuables within the home.



This is where Spycatcheronline’s products such as the various can safes featured. Here at Spycatcheronline we offer everyday cans such as Coca Cola, Sprite, Barabsol, Ajax and even Pringles that all have hidden compartments big enough to hide jewellery, keys, money and any other valuable in plain site. To watch the segment again click here.

Care home surveillance


At last, after years of explaining to the media and government departments why we sell so many covert CCTV cameras, the government is finally getting the message.

As reported in national newspaper The Times, concerned relatives have been given the green light to conceal video recording devices in care homes.

The headline even sparked a showcase of some of our gadgets from our Spycatcher-in-chief Jeremy Marks on BBC4’s PM – catch up with their chat, around 53 minutes into the programme, via this link.

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The Snowden story is back in the news again hence this blog on Laser Listening.

The talk in the press now is that the UK Government has demanded that all the files that the Guardian newspaper has on Snowdon’s revelations and the whole NSA Surveillance program should be either handed over or destroyed.

edward snowden

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Our Pure DAB Radio WiFi Camera with Night Vision was recently used by channel fives The Gadget Show along with other security products to try and catch one of their presenters breaking into their office and stealing something.  Guess which security device was the only one to catch him out, not only red handed but way before he got anywhere near the target – that’s right our PURE DAB WiFi camera, click here to see the article.

Spycatcher Online Featured on the Gadgets Show

Jane Bond