The geniuses at Robotic Solutions have taken Lego, combined it with Samsung Galaxy SII and created the Cubestormer II which they claim is the world’s fastest 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube solver and judging by this video they could well be right.

When I say Lego and a Samsung Galaxy that is not strictly where the story ends.

As well as a lot of Lego parts they have used a few of the Lego Mindstorms. These are large Lego bricks that incorporate intelligent, computer controls with ports for motors, sensors, USB’s and speakers and are usually used as the brain for Lego Robots.

And of course the Samsung Galaxy SII is not your ordinary run of the mill Smartphone as these clever lab rats (well David Gilday actually) have custom made an app. that has includes the algorithm to crack and complete the Rubik’s cube.

Have a look and see for yourself:

Jane Bond

Over the years much technician and laboratory time has been spent developing and innovating the much desired amphibious vehicle from landing troops onto beaches to driving to a water mass and deep sea fishing without changing vehicles.  The latest adaption of this seems to be this offering which comfortably travels at up to 80mph on land and half that on the water and if seeing is believing check out this video.

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Jane Bond