It doesn’t matter how many different products we offer to try and protect our customers there always seems to be something new on the horizon to infiltrate people’s privacy.

locked phone

We are constantly amazed by the number of customers who come in looking for telephone encryption devices to make sure that no one is snooping on them. Many people also now keep their credit cards in RFID wallets  to prevent their credit cards from being scanned and cloned.  Credit card cloning has become a serious problem over recent years and members of the public are just getting wise to the fact that an RFID wallet offers total protection against this form of theft.

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Care home surveillance


At last, after years of explaining to the media and government departments why we sell so many covert CCTV cameras, the government is finally getting the message.

As reported in national newspaper The Times, concerned relatives have been given the green light to conceal video recording devices in care homes.

The headline even sparked a showcase of some of our gadgets from our Spycatcher-in-chief Jeremy Marks on BBC4’s PM – catch up with their chat, around 53 minutes into the programme, via this link.

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Thief Caught on Camera

There are many headlines appearing in the papers lately:

“Thief put himself into the frame”
“Prolific burglar caught on CCTV”
“Suspect arrested on attack on mother caught on Nanny Cam”
“Parents’ Nightmare Caught On Tape As Burglar Breaks In”

Even though in some cases the burglar panics and steals the camera it is too late as the feed would have already been stored online and spread all over the internet.

Here at Spycatcher apart from supplying Indoor CCTV and nanny cams we also have a large selection of hidden cameras. Ranging from Pure DAB Wifi Radios, Smoke alarm Wifi Camera, Bedside/Travel clocks, Blueray DVD Wifi camera to name a few.

Visit our website by clicking the above products or online If you need any assistance click CHAT NOW and our staff are on hand to guide you through to the right product for you.

The sale of trackers at Spycatcheronline has increased dramatically over the last 12 months. It’s even taken us by surprise. Why is this?

Well to start with tracking devices have become much more accessible to ordinary members of the public. The number of different trackers available has increased. There are now personal trackers, car trackers, heavy duty asset trackers (For heavy machinery) and extended life high capacity trackers. Another issue is price. The prices have come down drastically.

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As reported on the MailOnline:

  • Pascale Sherwin, 23, admitted to the thefts after being caught by hidden cameras.
  • The couple never suspected the nanny who they thought of as “One of the family”
  • Sherwin posted photographs of herself on Facebook wearing the stolen items, even tagging her victim in the snaps.
  • The Police said that the photos were not enough evidence so the couple used four covert cameras to catch her in the act. She has now been sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid community work

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We have recently read about a German company called Armatix that have released the world’s first ‘smart pistol’ technology and have even incorporated it into a hand gun of their own called the iP1.

iP1 Smart GunTheir definition of a ‘Smart Pistol’ is basically a gun that can only be fired by specific user/s and has been developed so that if a gun is lost by or stolen from the programmed user/s it cannot be fired by anyone else.

These types of guns were first introduced to the general public as a personalised gun in the last James Bond film, Skyfall, in the scene where the latest Q tries to discreetly hand over and explain the feature to Bond in the middle of a London Art Gallery.

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