Shocking news of teacher being stabbed

With the horrific and shocking news of the killing of a much loved teacher at a UK school the question has, once again, arisen about whether schools should be carrying out spot checks for weapons.

There are already a number of schools who do carry out spot checks, under strict guidance. For example when carrying out such checks they are obliged to ensure that they never actually touch the student. The checks are only carried out with the student’s permission and in the event of a student refusing to co-operate the police are called in to carry out the search.

Of course such an awful event as happened on Monday is always bound tom open up a debate about how to move forward.

Carrying out spot, or regular, checks is not only in the interest of the teacher but also of all the other students in the school who may be at risk from someone carrying a knife.

Hand Held Weapon Detector - Security ScannerWe, at Spycatcheronline, have over the years supplied a number of establishments (Including schools) with protective equipment, including the hand held weapons detector (WEPDSECS) and Walkthrough Metal Detecting Archways (WKTHB600).

Needless to say it is always the establishment choice as to how far they wish to take their security measures. The killing of a teacher (Or a student) in a UK school is a very rare event however, whilst most schools wish to avoid a knee-jerk reaction, such an atrocious act serves a s a timely reminder  to review their safety measures and to decide what further steps they may (Or may not) wish to take to ensure the wellbeing of the staff and the students.

Jane Bond