The Orcasub

Big news this week – this is probably one of the most fantastic products we have ever had available!

We at Spycatcher are really excited to announce that we are the main UK distributor of Sub Aviator Systems’ new personal two man submarine – Orcasub.

The Orcasub is a brand new submarine style vehicle based on Sub Aviator Systems’ earlier product, the Aviator, and is the best of its kind (in fact it is more or less one of a kind).  It has the ability to “fly” (yes, it has wings) down to a depth of 2,000 feet since, unlike submarines of the past, this one is controlled a lot like an aeroplane and can glide smoothly in the water.  As well as this, the battery powered Orcasub comes complete with collision-avoidance sonar and ultra-LED lighting so you’ll be constantly aware of what’s going on around you.  There are also two ‘cockpits’, each kitted out with 80 hours of life support and 360 degree open-view pods.

Once you’ve had your training (included in the price), you’re ready to start the journey of a lifetime to the bottom of the sea. Inside the sub, you stay cosy and dry while also getting the chance to appreciate some of nature’s most beautiful – and secluded – sights. The buoyancy of the sub means it stays on the surface, like a boat, until the time comes to dive. Soon after your descent begins the colour of the water starts to change from blue to black and once you reach 200 feet below the surface, there is a feeling of calm and peace. The machine is extremely subtle to move, ‘flying’ through turns, leaving passengers almost unable to sense the movement, and giving them more chance to take in the sea life surrounding them.

This made to order sub, weighing 4 tonnes and stretching to 22 feet long, can be yours for around $2 million (depending on your personal specifications, it might be even more), and there is another model which can reach a depth of 6,000 feet, although that comes in at around $10 million. This is definitely the future of luxury underwater travel, and I’m sure that pretty soon the world’s millionaires will each have their own Orcasub to accompany them on their yacht trips to Cannes.

To find out more about this fabulous piece of equipment and all its technical specifications, take a look at the Orcasub product page by clicking here.

Orcasub Model

Orcasub Under Water

Jane Bond