Spying is a HOT topic in the Press

Lots of stories appearing in the press today seem to be about “Spying” type issues. The front page of the Daily Mail has a headline “Private Eyes Spy For The State”.

This is about how town halls, and even one central Government department, are spending millions on covert-surveillance operations. This may involve the use of Private Investigators who, as is common knowledge, will be using every method possible to get the information needed. Very often this may involve long range photographic evidence and, in many cases covert cameras, which may be built in to little clocks, video pens or voice recording pens. The range of equipment now available on the market is endless.

Spycatcheronline, for example, now sell a “Tiny” voice recorder which is no bigger than a thumbnail yet it can record up to 360 hours of crystal clear sound which the user can playback on a computer at will. Voice recording pens are now widely used by professionals to record meetings and, more recently, 13 amp plug adaptors with built-in sound activated recorders are in regular use.

There is an even more prominent story about how councils and other public bodies are using tracking devices to follow both the public and their staff if they suspect them of wrongdoing. This story has surfaced after a 999 operator had a tracker put on her car to see where she was after she had reported in sick. Of course tracking devices do have their place in society. If you are worried about your children, maybe a teenager using mum or dad’s car, an older person with dementia, or even to ensure that you can track down heavy duty machinery or other valuables if they get stolen.

For anyone really worried about whether they are being monitored, or have had a tracker put on their car, there is a wide range of counter-surveillance equipment available from companies like Spycatcher to give some additional peace of mind.

Jane Bond