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Surveillance Cameras


Our range of surveillance cameras includes everything from spy cameras used for covert ops to home and office CCTV systems.  We even offer body-worn Hidden cameras for secret recordings and covert investigations. Also available are sports cameras for capturing those thrilling moments when you are skiing or mountain biking. We even have motion sensitive game cameras for filming wildlife in the garden, forest or jungle.

Our spy cameras incorporate very best of HD cameras and our range includes key fob cameras, car key cameras, book cameras, glasses cameras, tissue box cameras and smoke detector cameras to name just a few.

We like to think that we can supply hidden cameras to suit virtually every environment and, should you wish to call us we will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable equipment to meet your particular needs.

The advance of technology has enabled engineers to fit High Definition cameras in to the most incredible range of every day cameras. Not only does this mean that surveillance cameras for the home can offer much higher quality daytime images, but they are also able to offer high clarity night time images. Due to staffing issues it is difficult to get the police to show a great deal of interest in normal domestic break-ins. For that reason it makes sense to have high visibility cameras not only to capture images of intruders on your property but also to act as a deterrent. Let’s face it if someone wants to break in to a home are they going to choose the house with surveillance cameras or the one without? In addition to high visibility surveillance cameras many of our customers are also finding that they need covert cameras to use inside the home or office. It is amazing how often customers come to us because stock is going missing from the warehouse or money is missing from petty cash. Hidden cameras are playing an increasingly important role for people who have elderly parents in care homes. The world is a changing place and in many instances a more dangerous place. The use of secret cameras in the home, office, care home is an essential new tool to help you protect, not only your possessions, but also those that have entrusted you with their well-being.

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