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Digital Recorder - Mini Tiny


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The MINI digital voice recorder really earns its name with the impressively small dimensions of only 39mm x 16mm x 9mm yet, despite its small size, it is capable of storing up to 298 hours of audio recording.

This the Guiness World Records winner! The smallest recorder in the world!

Only 10 x 14 x 40 mm's

The tiny device manages to pack in a host of features including a voice activation system, a silence compressor that prevents unnecessary memory usage, time and date stamping of every recording, time and date scheduling, 2GB internal memory and password protection for added security.

The device's miniature size means that it can be easily deployed in any manner of places, and its wide dynamic range and highly sensitive built microphone ensure superior quality audio recordings.

The voice recorder provides up to 60 hours of recording time on a single battery and is compatible with all Windows PCs, by simply connecting the unit via the supplied USB lead.

Height: 40 mm's
Width: 15 mm's
Thickness: 10 mm's
Weight: 8 gms
Case: Plastic
Record time: 298  Hours
Battery life in record mode: Alkaline battery - up to 10 hrs, Zinc-air battery - up to 60 hrs
Power supply: Battery
Battery life in VAS mode: Alkaline battery - up to 40 hrs, Zinc-air battery - up to 240 hrs 
Battery life in standby mode: 2 months
Built-in flash memory 2Gb
Signal/noise ratio: -64dB.
Compression Algorithms: Without compression, u-Law (2/1), ADPCM (2 and 4 bit).
Audio recording format: Mono
Sample Rate: 5.5,8,11,16 or 22kHz.
Bandwidth: 100Hz to 10kHz.
Dynamic range: -64
Built-in microphone sensitivity: 7 - 9 metres.
PC interface: USB 1.1. Data transfer rate up to 5.5Mb.
Voice activation system: YES
Timer recording: YES
Current consumption: From 7.3 mA up to 17.6 mA 

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Digital Recorder - Mini TinyDigital Recorder - Mini Tiny
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