Recording Equipment

One of the hugest advances in recent years in the surveillance industry has been the introduction of digital recorders also know as recording equipment devices.

Previously recorders used tape, instead of microchips, which meant short recording times before the tape had to be changed, poor sound quality, particularly if you slowed the recorder down to increase record times, and the inconvenience of having to store recorded tapes manually.

When the first digital recorders were introduced they were a complete revelation. Never before had we heard such incredible sound clarity, and the ability to record for 50 or 60 hours was a new and exciting facility. The downside was the price. The first digital recorder that we at Spycatcher Online saw was priced at £3,000.00. Brilliant, but unaffordable!

Oh how times have changed! We have disposed of virtually all of our “Tape” recorders and now we only stock “Digital recorders”. It’s a no brainer.

We can now hide recording devices in almost anything. Take for example one of our most popular recorders the Voice Recording Pen (DIGRECPEN). At only £125.00 (Excluding VAT) this is an incredibly discreet unit that can be used to write whilst at the same time recording, with superb clarity, everything that is being said.

Digital Recording Pen

This item is being widely used by business people, lawyers (To record meetings), students and customers from all walks of life. We also supply a desk top calculator with built-in recording facility (DIGRECDCALC) at £100.00 (Excluding VAT) or a 13 amp plug adaptor (DIGRECADAPUK) for £187.50 (Excluding VAT).

Digital Voice Recorder - Desk Calculator  Digital Recorder - 13AMP UK Double Adaptor

The list of products with recorders built-in is substantial but one of our most popular recorders is the Mini-Tiny (DIGRECTIN). This recorder is literally not much bigger than a thumb nail yet it is incredibly sophisticated and has facilities which include voice activation, timed on/off, date stamped recordings and many more. The Mini-Tiny is on offer for £491.67 (Excluding VAT).

Digital Recorder - Mini Tiny

A recent addition to our website is the Smartphone recorder (SPHONEREC). This is a neat little unit that you simply plug in to the headphone socket on your phone and it will record with perfect clarity both sides of your telephone conversation which can then be played back via your computer. This has proven to be extremely popular at £140.00 (Excluding VAT).

Smartphone Voice Recorder

Other recording devices in our inventory include fully working recording strip sockets for use in the UK, Europe or the United States. Of course some of our customers just want a plain and simple voice recorder and our standard 576 hour recorder (DIGREC576) is usually just what they need and for £98.33 (Excluding VAT) it certainly won’t break the bank.

Digital Recorder - 576 Hour

Jane Bond