Fake Bomb Detectors

How did they fall for it?

The story of the FAKE BOMB DETECTORS defies belief.  At Spycatcher we were indeed offered these units and it was quite clear that they could never work and for a price of £27,000.00. It was inconceivable that anyone would buy them, let alone buy them in 100’s, for use in Iraq, which we heard at the time was happening.

Fake Bomb Detector

We have our own sections dealing with Anti-terrorism equipment, NBC protection and armoured vehicles so we know our stuff and the products that were being sold  by Mr McCormick just had no technological credibility.

Anyone who wants to buy serious anti-terrorism equipment needs to go to a supplier with experience and a reputation.

We are often asked by governmental customers to supply equipment that is highly specialised. These are items that we don’t put on our website because they would be of no interest to members of the public. We are often asked to supply bomb jamming devices and other equipment too sensitive to be for public consumption so we know our stuff.

For any Governmental customers or professional reading this blog if you know what you need come to Spycatcheronline and ask for it –the chances are that we will be able to supply you. If we can’t we will let you know promptly., but whatever you do steer away from amateurs and conmen like Mr McCormick.

Jane Bond