Assad regime using chemical weapons

The newspapers are full of the shocking story about the Assad regime using chemical weapons.

It takes us back to the same story about Saddam Hussein in Iraq who was using similar tactics against his Kurdish population. This is really what put Spycatcheronline on the road. A time when we had journalists queuing up to buy gas masks, NBS protection suits and all sorts of other items to protect themselves before going over there to report on what was happening.

People sometimes think it is strange that we carry stocks of gas masks (GASM150 and GASM100) and books on “Recognising and Treating Exposure To Anthrax Smallpox, Nerve Gas , Radiation and Other Likely Agents of a Terrorist Attack” (BOORECO). Now you can see why.

Gas Mask-M150   Gas Mask-S100   Recognizing And Treating Exposure To Anthrax And Other Substances - Book

It is amazing how regularly this type of atrocious attack is carried out in different parts of the world, sometimes by terrorists, sometimes by terrorist regimes and even sometimes home grown terrorists.

We have already seen an increase in demand from journalists who are brave enough to venture over there. Sadly that demand is likely to be increasing now.

If you are a journalist travelling to a country where you think you may need these types of products. Why not call us on 020 7224 1435 or email info@pdlltd.com and we will be more than happy to assist on what you need to take with you for your safety.

We advise many journalists all the time so feel free to get in touch. We have the experience that counts.

Jane Bond