Bugging devices

Bugging devices is not a term that we like to use. We fully realise that many people like to search for Bugging devices online. Professionals in the industry are more likely to search for “Audio surveillance” or “Listening devices”.

We at www.spycatcheronline.co.uk are a team of professionals geared to supplying other professionals with high end equipment that, quite simply, will do the job that they need it to do. That’s not to say we don’t supply members of the public – of course we do – and they can buy from us knowing that they are dealing with the industry leaders for Audio surveillance equipment.

Take, for example, our Ultimate key logger (ULTLOG). We know it’s used by companies to make sure that the staff are not abusing their computer system. But also how many parents are concerned about what their children are watching on their computers?

 Ultimate key logger Ultimate key logger

Our 13Amp adaptor with a built-in GSM listening device (GSMUKADA) is used by both professionals and parents who are concerned about how a child minder may be behaving with their children.

13Amp-adaptor-GSM-listening-device-a 13Amp-adaptor-GSM-listening-device-bGSM listening device

Video recording pens (PENDVR2) are used by investigative journalists and business men and women to confirm what may have been discussed at particularly important meetings.

Video-recording-pens-a Ultimate key logger Video recording pens

Our GSM Room and phone monitor (GSM3300) is an inexpensive way of simply listening in to a particular area from anywhere in the world via the cellular network.

GSM-Room-and-phone-monitor-b GSM Room and phone monitor itor

“Mystery shopping” is now a commonly used practice by large companies to monitor the standard of service being given to customers by staff, the tidiness of their shops and the overall atmosphere of the shopping environment that their stores generate. Naturally filming has to be discreet so what better than an unobtrusive pair of recording reading glasses (REGLADVR) with the built in facility to record High Definition colour still images or CCTV footage.

recording reading glasses

We may not use the term “Bugging devices” on our website, but if you need to monitor or covertly film, there is only one place to go for professional and friendly advice.

Jane Bond