Russia expels CIA spy – what an amateur!

It barely seems credible but Russia has allegedly caught an American CIA operative red-handed trying to recruit a Russian source with a one million Dollar a year bribe.

Who knows if it’s true or not, particularly when you see the agent’s spy kit. Wigs, sunglasses and a compass. To be honest he could have done better by just buying one of our children’s spy kits.

The whole story sounds a little bit like a set up, and an opportunity to expel a diplomat. Apparently he was officially a third secretary in the political section of the US Embassy in Moscow.

If he was a real spy you would have expected him to be kitted with considerably more serious products, certainly a digital recorder, an HD watch camera or maybe a sunglasses camera.

Digital technology is an area that most people are aware of, whether they are spies or not. The alleged spy may have been a relatively new recruit to the CIA but whatever the case he was caught and this will undoubtedly be a huge embarrassment to the USA.

The whole story is surprising because the Russian Federal Security Bureau (FSB) are loaded up with all of the latest surveillance equipment, including wi-fi cameras, thermal imaging and GSM listening devices. Any decent spy would have known this and would have been using the appropriate counter-surveillance equipment to keep himself safe.

Jane Bond