Mosque stabbing

Following news of the recent attack on members of the congregation at a mosque in Washwood Heath Road in Birmingham over the weekend there has been an immediate increase in the number of enquiries that we have had at www.spycatcheronline.co.uk for anti-stab clothing, bullet-proof vests and anti-slash clothing.

During the attack, by a Somali Muslim, 3 members of the congregation, and a policeman were injured.

Enquiries have been received for anti-stab vests and for disguised bullet-proof jackets.

Covert Vest - Lightweight Level II and Anti Stab A Black Weatherproof Bullet (IIIA) and Stab Proof Jacket A

Clearly whilst this has not been described as a “Hate crime” tensions are at an increased level and members of the community are beginning to look at personal protection equipment as a result of this incident.

Jane Bond