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Spycatcher Online Blog

Welcome to the Spycatcheronline blog, bringing you all the latest news, views, reviews and goings on in the world of surveillance and counter surveillance

  • What's in a Survival Kit?

    Getting a survival kit together before you start your trek up a mountain can be difficult. What do you need? What is essential? Where can you find these items? After trawling through the internet and ending up far more confused than when you first started is not the best way to start your quest.

    survival kit (275x183)

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    We were the very 1st company in the UK to bring you the E-Board self-balancing scooter and yes, once again, we are ahead of the pack.

    For £120.00 you can convert your self-balancing scooter into an amazing Go-kart. This great little kit is simple to fit (It just takes minutes). It is safer and easier to use in its Go-Kart format and adds a completely new dimension – your children just will not believe how much fun it is.

    This great new item is just so simple to drive and it can be used on grass or paved areas alike.

    We all know how quickly children get tired of things that they were crazy to try and get hold of a few months ago. Well instead of looking at your unused E-board/Swegway you can guarantee that when you show them the E-Kart it will be in action again soon.E-Kart-blue-2


    The range of products on our website just seems to constantly grow. New developments in the world of security, surveillance and personal protection means that we have to be constantly alert to fresh and innovative new products coming on to the market.

    Typical of the type of everyday item that we can now offer is the coffee cup camera DVR (PDLCOFCUP) which at a price of £250.00 (Including VAT) is as innocuous an item as you will ever find. A standard disposable coffee cup, such as you will be given in any high street coffee shop but with a full colour HD camera, complete with sound by the way, incredibly cleverly hidden in the lid.Covert-coffee-cup-3

    Our 13 amp UK plug adaptor with a GSM sim card (GSMUKADA) at £192.00 (Including VAT) has almost become a staple of home and office surveillance. This is indistinguishable from any normal plug with the exception that it has a built in GSM facility enabling you to phone in and listen, real-time, from anywhere in the world. If that doesn’t suit then you can have the 13 amp UK adaptor with a memory card built-in (DIGRECADAPUK). Priced at £234.00 (Inc VAT) this clever item will record up to 576 hours (Depending on what size memory card is installed) of conversation, which means that instead of having to listen real-time you simply retrieve the card whenever it suits you and review the recordings at your leisure.

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  • This Morning show on Securing your Valuables

    At the start of August Spycatcheronline featured in Alice Beer's segment in ITV's This Morning show. With the rise of burglaries in private homes Alice Beer showed all the different means of securing valuables within the home.



    This is where Spycatcheronline's products such as the various can safes featured. Here at Spycatcheronline we offer everyday cans such as Coca Cola, Sprite, Barabsol, Ajax and even Pringles that all have hidden compartments big enough to hide jewellery, keys, money and any other valuable in plain site. To watch the segment again click here.

  • Beware when buying Hoverboards...



    Being the first company to bring this product into the UK back in 2014 we were shocked by how quickly cheap, and unsafe units came in to the country as the market exploded in the second half of 2015. As a result Trading Standards came down hard and confiscated any hoverboards that did not have the appropriate EU Safety reports and certificates.

    This month (July 2016) our E-board has been passed by SGS – one of the world’s leading (and most recognised) safety testing laboratories. The resulting reports have all been submitted to Trading Standards who checked to make sure that they are genuine and have confirmed that our E-board IS safe and they have authorised us to continue selling this item.

    Small Home-Page-Slider-E-Board

    We have been shocked to see the number of companies still selling cheap hoverboards online who claim that their items have been tested and certified as “Safe” and compliant with all EU safety regulations. Please, be careful the reports are either fake, or have been prepared by a test house in China that is not authorised and accepted by EU regulators. In some cases the only thing that has been tested is the plug and/or the charger. This is not good enough. Everything particularly the battery and the internals of the self-balancing scooter itself must be tested and passed.

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  • Fully EU approved E-Boards back on the Market

    Having been the very first company in the UK to have introduced the E-board (Swegway, Hoverboard – call it what you will) self-balancing scooter on to the British market we are delighted to announce that we are now the very first company to be offering a unit that fully complies with all EU Safety Directives.Small Couple-on-eboard

    When we first introduced this self-balancing scooter on to the market the publicity went viral. This in turn prompted companies who wanted to cash in on this exciting market to bring in cheaper and cheaper Chinese copies which met with no safety standards and proved to be a potential fire hazard. This is where Trading Standards stepped in and insisted that all Hoverboards/Swegways be withdrawn from the market until the importers could prove that they are fully compliant with all EU safety regulations. This led to a number of companies claiming that their units had been tested and met safety standards. Virtually every one of these importers were displaying either fake safety certificates or certificates that have not been produced by a safety testing laboratory that is recognised, or accepted, by the regulatory bodies in individual European countries. Continue Reading


    As reported in the Times today (12.04.2016) a major article uncovers the truth about the value of hidden CCTV cameras in the homes of the elderly and the vulnerable. The charity Action on Elder Abuse which helps to run a national helpline has reported that the number of calls from people who feel that they are suffering financial abuse rose from 3,500 to 7,529 last year. Adult social services received 21,935 allegations of theft and fraud in the past 12 months, 4168 of them relating to carers.

    **hi res** Elderly woman sitting in wheelchair painting water color by window

    A large number of cases, in fact by far the majority, were brought to light when relatives of the victims decided to take positive action by installing covert CCTV cameras such as those hidden in smoke detectors. PIR motion detectors, like the type used in most burglar alarm systems or even a fully functional clock radio.

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    Although we should have been expecting it,  the latest attack in Brussels is shocking by any standards and is just a reminder of how important security is. We all know that this type of terrorist attack cannot be prevented however many establishments are once again taking measures to beef up their  security systems in order to try and keep their customers, staff and general public safe.


    Since the Brussels attack we, at spycatcheronline, have seen a sharp spike in orders for hand held weapons detectors and walk through metal detecting archways.


    Airports are now talking about re-assessing their security measures but unless you stop the public from travelling with any luggage, even hand held, there is little that can be done to prevent this type of attack.


    Many large companies and public places are now ordering handheld metal detectors to protect the public and staff from any potential threat. Our handheld metal detectors can detect even the smallest metal instruments. Only after the explosion that rocked Brussels airport terminal building have other countries now decided on  keeping armed police at their doors. After this horrific event that left 34 dead there is an increased police presence at Gatwick and Heathrow airport to prevent something like this from happening again. But should these precautions not have this been taken  sooner? Especially after the Paris attacks that left over a hundred people dead! or whilst they had known that the suspected terrorists were on the run between Paris and Belgium.

    A picture taken on March 22, 2016 in Zaventem, shows the damaged facade of Brussels airport after at least 13 people were killed and 35 injured as twin blasts rocked the main terminal of Brussels airport.AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYS / AFP / JOHN THYS        (Photo credit should read JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images)

    A picture taken on March 22, 2016 in Zaventem, shows the damaged facade of Brussels airport after at least 13 people were killed and 35 injured as twin blasts rocked the main terminal of Brussels airport. AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYS / AFP / JOHN THYS

    Recently a police van was booby trapped and blown up in Northern Ireland by the IRA resulting in the death of a fellow prison officer. Had the vehicle been inspected using a under car search mirror perhaps the death of the prison officer could have been prevented.



    With so much destruction happening around the world it is journalists who get the brunt of it by being on the front line to provide us with news. In regards to the recent Brussels Airport bombing one journalist who was waiting for her flight to Geneva also got caught up in the bomb blasts. Being the only journalist on site she was able to provide the world with the first pictures of victims, featured the next day in New York Times. The photo shows a woman with blood pouring down her face and her shirt ripped to shreds from the bomb blast. A sad comment on the times that we live in.

    In this photo provided by Georgian Public Broadcaster and photographed by Ketevan Kardava two women wounded in Brussels Airport in Brussels, Belgium, after explosions were heard Tuesday, March 22, 2016. A developing situation left at least one person and possibly more dead in explosions that ripped through the departure hall at Brussels airport Tuesday, police said. All flights were canceled, arriving planes were being diverted and Belgium's terror alert level was raised to maximum, officials said. (Ketevan Kardava/ Georgian Public Broadcaster via AP)

    (Ketevan Kardava/ Georgian Public Broadcaster via AP)

    One of the areas that we have noticed an increase in sales is bullet-proof body armour. We have, for many years been supplying press teams going to war zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Even today many of our customers are travelling to areas of conflict which is why we have developed a new  cost friendly Press Package that offers the highest level of protection for those who risk their lives to share news with the world. But times have changed and we find that companies providing security personnel to protect schools, offices and some religious establishments are providing their security staff with covert body armour.


    We live in a world where  the front line seems to be the major cities of Europe. The only answer is increased budgets for counter-terrorism departments, increased security and perhaps, most importantly, increased public vigilance.


    We have seen reports that  a number of women in European cities are now concerned for their safety after the increase of migrants coming into the EU. There has been a surge of sexual assaults on girls  as young as 7! Women are now being more cautious and we can report an increase in sales of  personal protection equipment such as rape alarms, high powered torches, aerosol personal alarms and trackers. Did you know if you carry a personal alarm you have a 97% higher chance of warding off a potential attack (Home Office).

  • Luminox Military Watches

    Luminox watches have been around since 1989 however they were made famous in 1993 when a special request came through the US Navy SEALs. They worked together to design a watch that passed all the SEALs vigorous tests and 20 years later they were still being used by the US Navy SEALs.  Not only are these watches used by the US Navy SEALS but are also used by  S.W.A.T teams, pilots, military personnel and elite forces.

    George Clooney wearing a Luminox watch in, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’.

    George Clooney wearing a Luminox watch in, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’.

    Luminox watches are Swiss made, where reputations are high for making the finest quality watches. Switzerland has achieved the standard for quality and perfecting the art of mechanical craft. One of the main focus for Luminox watches is the luminosity and to be able to read the time in zero light conditions. Luminox has achieved  exactly that as it uses a self powered illumination system that will provide you with visibility for up to 25 years. Luminox watches are also water resistant.

    Sylvester Stallone wearing  a Luminox watch in the film Escape Plan.

    Sylvester Stallone wearing a Luminox watch in the film Escape Plan.

    If you haven’t already been wowed by Luminox’s 25 year illumination guarantee their watches are also water resistant up to 200 metres making them perfect for users engaging in water sports and deep water diving.

    Idris Elba wearing a luminox watch in, ‘The Gunman’.

    Idris Elba wearing a luminox watch in, ‘The Gunman’.

    These watches are  also favoured by athletes and performers because of its light weight, durable, tough, powerful and accurate mechanical craftsmanship. It is also the number one choice for use in high action films due to its long lasting durability.

    Paul Walker wearing a Luminox watch in Fast and Furious

    Paul Walker wearing a Luminox watch in, 'Fast and Furious'.

  • Spycatcher makes an appearance on This Morning

    James Bond is in the air with the release of SPECTRE that is, just in case you wonder why everyone is spy mad at the moment.

    We were asked here Spycatcher Online by ITV's This Morning to feature a few of our Spy Gadgets.

    We did!


    ITV This Morning

    We featured our exclusive One Man Mini Submarine, the very popular See Behind Glasses, a very James Bond Bullet-proof briefcase and document scanning pen and for every day protection our baseball cap protective insert.

    They also featured other items that we also offer at Spycatcher online:

    The very covert Button Camera, the perfect spy gadget a spy watch and a pair of snazzy spy sunglasses.

    If you missed it as you were too busy saving the world, here it is again.…/home-…/real-life-james-bond-007-gadgets

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