Tracking Devices

Explore the most sophisticated range of car trackers and GPS tracking devices available on the market.

Pick up state-of-the-art devices, enabling you to track individuals, vehicles and even heavy-duty industrial equipment, all of which can be controlled from your computer or your mobile phone.

Long gone are the days when car tracking devices were enormous and had to be recovered in order to get the tracking information you required. Instead, contemporary vehicle tracking devices are small and can be fitted via a strong magnet housed inside the encapsulation.

To fit the tracker, simple place the tracking unit behind a car bumper or wheel arch. Information is then transmitted from the tracking device to your computer or even your mobile phone.

From your computer or mobile phone, you can also instruct the device how often to send you “positions” and set up a “geometric fence” so it alerts you every time it leave a pre-defined area.

You can even send the tracking device to “sleep” to preserve battery life.

At Spycatcher Online, we carry a full range of tracking devices, each designed for different operational situations. For more information about any of our spy equipment, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the team – we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements further.

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