Recording Equipment

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Whether you have noisy neighbours, a verbally abusive boss or, like many people, just want to record meetings so you can make notes later, we have the ideal piece of recording equipment.

Our range of digital recording equipment is designed to cater for many different operational scenarios in the audio surveillance field.

Most of our hidden voice recorders have the facility to download the recordings on to your computer, and many have date and time stamping, with settings to trigger automatically when required.

Our recording equipment inventory includes a 13 amp plug disguised as an audio recorder, recording socket strips for use in the UK, EU or USA, telephone recorders and a tiny recorder not much bigger than a thumbnail that will give 55 hours of recording time and in excess of 1000 hours of storage.

Our recording equipment inventory also includes document scanners for recording written word and key loggers to record the key strokes used on a computer.

£99.00 exc Vat £118.80 inc Vat