GSM Listening Devices & GSM Bugs

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Part of the “Cellular Revolution” has been the ability to fit GSM modules in to a range of everyday items to create the most advanced GSM listening devices, also referred to as GSM Bugs, ever to come on to the market.

GSM listening means you can dial in to the device and hear, in real time, exactly what’s going on in the room where it’s situated. GSM Bugs are incorporated in to a range of everyday items, including 13-amp adaptors and socket strips, designed to blend into any office or home environment.

Aside from allowing crystal clear monitoring from anywhere in the world where there’s GSM coverage, 13-amp adaptors and socket strips have the added advantage that, because they’re connected to the mains, they’re not limited by battery life.

Put simply, GSM listening is now the most common, and most advanced, method of room monitoring.

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