Home & Personal Security

We live in dangerous times, which is why it’s more important than ever to protect your home, your family and your possessions. Whilst the police do their best, they often dont have the resources available to investigate home theft, so it makes sense to guard your possessions with dedicated surveillance and security equipment.

In most cases, prevention is better than cure, with a burgular unlikely to choose a house that obviously has a CCTV system. Consequently, we offer inexpensive home CCTV systems that are simple, effective, plug-and-play units.

For internal surveillance, we have a large range of household items, including clock cameras concealing camouflaged, high definition, motion controlled CCTV cameras with built-in recording.

We also offer a range of camo-safes disguised as everyday items like Heinz Baked Beans, Coca Cola and even Pringles, which are all hollowed out to allow you to hide your valuables inside them, as well as high quality, high security, digital safe that you would typically bolt to a wall or floor.

We can even provide computer monitoring devices (key loggers), enabling you to check your children are not logging in to unsuitable sites and alerting you if they do.

Alternatively, you may choose to mark your name and address on your household valuables with a UV pen, which will only show up under ultra violet light. This will make the police’s job so much easier in identifying your possessions.

Quite simply, we offer a range of products designed to make you feel substantially more secure in your home.

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