Counter Surveillance

Browse a range of highly sophisticated counter surveillance equipment, bug detectors and jammers, which incorporate the very latest technology.

Take advantage of handheld bug detectors, typically used for identifying spying devices hidden in a home or car, through to commercial bug detectors designed for checking larger houses and offices.

Alongside cellular jammers (which, for legal reasons, we can only sell and ship to customers outside of the EU), you can also find recorder blockers for use in meetings where you have to be certain you’re not being recorded.

Locating planted surveillance equipment is a serious business. Good counter surveillance measures can save business deals and relationships, and that is why we are so careful to ensure that we only offer the very latest and best bug detectors on the market.

We’re also happy to arrange for our team to visit your home or office to carry out an in depth investigation to confirm the presence (or otherwise) of any monitoring devices.

At Spycatcher, we have a deep understanding of suveillance and counter surveillance and that is why we, above anyone else, know the specifications of equipment required to detect covert listening devices.

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