Wireless USB Charger With Built In Surveillance Camera WiFi

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A high definition hidden wireless camera fitted in a working USB mains charger.
This camera system is mains powered so it can be left recording and transmitting a WiFi signal indefinitely. Plug the camera in to a standard UK 3-pin mains socket and leave it to covertly record 1080p HD time stamped, Law Enforcement grade video and audio.
The camera is discretely hidden in the front of the adaptor allowing easy installation and application in everyday office or home environments.
The camera features Wi-Fi connectivity making it possible to view live and recorded video footage from anywhere in the world that has a internet connection.

The set up and control can be done with either an Android or iOS App on a smart phone or tablet allowing you to view live video from the camera. The camera is also fitted with one-touch operation on the device so you can choose to operate it manually or via the Wi-Fi connection. Supplied with the camera is a free 16gb Micro SD card which will capture up to 8 hours of continuous video at full resolution or much longer when using motion detection. For longer recording sessions, you can use up to a 32gb Micro SD card.

To playback the recorded video you can connect the camera to your computer with the supplied USB cable or place the SD card in to a standard card reader to playback via your computer. Alternatively, use the Wi-Fi connectivity to view or even download the video remotely.

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