What’s in a Survival Kit?

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Getting a survival kit together before you start your trek up a mountain can be difficult. What do you need? What is essential? Where can you find these items? After trawling through the internet and ending up far more confused than when you first started is not the best way to start your quest.

Here at Spycatcher we have the ideal Combat Survival Tin that comes with all the necessary essentials that we believe you should have on your person. We are confident that our survival tin is one of the best out there as it is used by Special Forces use it as well as the military.

Take it with you on jungle expeditions, mountain treks or gap year escapades.

So, what do you get in our Combat Survival Tin?

Button compass – exceptionally robust, oil filled and pressurised; military approved

Flint/striker – when struck this fire steel produces a shower of sparks that come off at around 3,000 degrees. This is useful in severe weather and allows more control of the direction of sparks onto the firewood.

Knife – a small folding locking knife with a 4cm blade

Wiresaw – the tightly woven stainless steel saw offers increased life span and reduced weight from plastic coated end loops. Ideal for use in escape and evasion. It will also cut wood, plastic and bone.

Whistle – we all know how to use a whistle but this is a piece of equipment that could save your life in an emergency

Snare wire – this super strong wire is extra durable and supple and prone to wear and tear.  Ideal for hunting, survival and prepping.

Purification tablets – a pack of ten tablets. One tablet per one litre of water.

Fishing kit – complete with line, winder, sinkers and hooks

Nightlight – one little wax tea light

Plus all the other little but important essentials such as a pencil, sewing kit and safety pins.

All come in a compact metal box with instructions and an accident evaluation sheet.


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