Position Credits

Our Covert asset trackers all use the position credits system each time the tracker sends a position to the tracking Panel 1 position credit is used, the frequency of these reports are set by the user they can be set from once per second to hourly depending on your requirement’s. When the tracker is stationary it goes to sleep mode and does not send positions.
The positions can be purchased in blocks of 2500 or you can purchase unlimited credits for a fixed period of time if you prefer. For prices and to purchase use the Link at the bottom of the page

The tracker is sent out with 100 Position credits to get you started, further credits can be purchased on our site or over the telephone. When the positions run out or the unlimited period expires the tracker will no longer send reports to the tracking system

SMS credits

SMS credits enable the tracking panel to communicate directly with the tracker when you send a command to the unit. This is usually done when you want to change a setting on the tracker such as reporting frequency. SMS credits are also used when the tracker sends alerts to your mobile phone such as when the tracker enters or leaves a certain area or to send an alert or if the motion detection is armed.
Position and SMS credits that are not purchased on unlimited packages are valid for a period of 3 months and may be removed from the panel after this period has expired if the tracker has not logged in for over 3 months.
The tracker contains a contract data Sim which we pay for on a monthly basis, if the tracker does not log in at least every 3 months from the purchase date the SIM will expire and will cost £25 plus VAT to reactivate.
The Sim card includes a fixed data package If the tracker is used excessively for frequent reporting periods there is a possibility of violating the Sim providers fair usage policy resulting in the SIM being deactivated until the following month
The Sim in this tracker is set up for use in the UK only if you wish to use it outside of the UK please contact us so we can enable the SIM for other countries
Please note. That unlimited position credits are only valid for use in EU countries.

Position credits, SMS credits and unlimited packages can be purchased here