The E-Board Is the Product Everyone’s Talking About

The Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas is held in January of each year and it’s where every major manufacturer shows off their latest products. This year, there was only one star – and it’s the product everyone’s talking about …

the E-Board.

Here at Spycatcher, we’re delighted we were the first company to pick up on this product, with enormous sales of it over the last 12 weeks.

The E-board is basically a Segway type Personal Transporter, but with one major difference – it has no handle. It may sound like it’s difficult to ride, but it’s actually really simple. Because it’s gyro-stabilised, you don’t have to balance on it – it does the balancing for you.

To move forwards, you simply press your toes down. By pressing on your heels, you’ll go backwards, and you just press on the toes of either foot to turn.

We sell this product online for £1500.00 and it was the must-have Christmas present this year.

You can see the E-Board by clicking here

Choose From an Assortment of Colours

It comes in a variety of colours, and we currently hold red, blue, orange and black in stock. The E-Board is not legal to use on public highways or pavements in the UK, but it can be used on private property.

Many of our customers have been buying them to use in gardens, on patios, shopping malls and sports stadiums. We always explain that this item is not legal to use on the roads and pavements in the UK but despite this, many customers tell us they have been using them outdoors without being stopped.

The E-Board weighs 10 kilograms and is charged from the mains. It takes just three hours to charge. It’ll travel 20 kilometres on one charge and has a top speed of 10 kilometres per hour. One of the beauties of such a small and compact unit is that it’s so easy to carry on to a bus or tube and you can fit five or six of them in the boot of your car.

For more information about the E-Board, or any of the products on offer at Spycatcher, please get in touch with a member of the team today – we’d be delighted to help.