Spycatcher Talks to Veteran Private Detective Peter Taylor

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Since the Spycatcher company was founded in the 1980s, we’ve taken pride in being at the cutting edge of personal protection and surveillance. We’ve got to know our clientele very well, in some cases working with generations of the same family or successive executives in the same corporation, and from time to time we’d like to share that experience with you.

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We’ve been talking to Peter Taylor, a private detective with more than forty years experience in his industry. Like many professional private investigators, his organisation, Private Detective has become increasingly involved in using state-of-the-art equipment to solve cases and provide solutions for their clientele. We asked Peter to walk us through the kind of uses that his teams make of surveillance and personal protection gear.

P.T. “Our caseload is quite varied, so it’s difficult to say what we’ll be doing on any given day, particularly as we have a high percentage of international cases that require an understanding of the legal requirements of each jurisdiction. We also have both private clients and corporations who call on our services, so it’s almost impossible to describe a ‘typical day’ or a ‘standard use of equipment’. In addition, client confidentiality is vital to what we do – the secrets we learn and the cases we solve will go to the grave with us – that’s what our clients expect and that’s why we are one of the foremost private detective agencies in the UK.

Spycatcheronline: “So, without giving anything away, can you tell us about some cases where you’ve made use of audio surveillance or recording equipment? That’s a big area of expertise for us and our customers are bound to be interested in what an established private detective agency uses to help solve crime.”

P.T. “One case that really required expert use of both recording equipment and GPS was a problem that a company was having with a senior manager. The situation was extremely complex in that the organisation’s founder had known this manager for many years and brought the person on through the company. As is often the case, we were brought in when company assets appeared to be at risk. We used GPS tracking and audio recording devices to discover that the senior manager was having an affair with somebody who was highly placed in a competitor organisation and as a result was making business decisions that were not in the best interests of the organisation he worked for. Not only that, but diversion of company assets was clearly happening and being concealed by the manager concerned.

As a result of the evidence we gathered, our client was able to remove the person from their position of authority without causing a crisis which could have damaged funding and as a result may have saved their company from a hostile takeover bid or even worse, deliberate damage instigated by the rival firm.”

Spycatcheronline: “So what equipment made that possible?”

P.T. “I’d prefer not to give away trade secrets, so let me just say that we utilised a fleet-wide asset tracking system with the full knowledge of the firm’s personnel, but which the senior manager forgot was attached to his company car!

In addition, we had a voice activated recording device which we concealed in an everyday household item that captured the manager giving orders to his staff that directly contravened what he’d just agreed with his Chief Executive and then lying to cover up his behaviour. We have a technician who is more like a magician – he’s managed to locate apparatus in everything from air fresheners to teddy bears … we say if you name it, he can conceal a device in it!”

Spycatcheronline: “So what else would your private detectives and investigators be using surveillance equipment for?”

P.T. “One good example is the retail sector – we installed a covert camera in the back office of a shop where a specific stock item was going missing. Because only a few people had access to this area of the store, there was a great deal of suspicion and stress each time stock was stolen, but nobody could work out who was doing it and how. Our concealed camera revealed that there was indeed a member of staff entering the office at night and taking the stock, but it wasn’t one of the small team that had keys. Somehow another member of staff had obtained or copied keys and was letting themselves into the building. When we sat down with the shop owners to watch the playback, it was a real Scooby Doo moment!  They actually flew out of their chairs in shock when they saw who was stealing from them.

I get a real sense of satisfaction from helping business owners protect themselves from this kind of crime – all too often it seems to them that they have little or no recourse: launching a police investigation could harm the business worse than doing nothing, family members and close friends fall under suspicion especially in family firms, and they themselves start to doubt their ability to run their business. Criminals are callous and the effects of their behaviour don’t concern them at all. Being able to help people get control back of their lives and their businesses feels like a job well done.”

Spycatcheronline: “We completely agree – we also take a lot of pride from helping people regain mastery of their personal and business lives. Thanks for your time, Peter, and if people want to get in touch with you, perhaps because they need a private detective, how can they reach you?”

P.T. “My pleasure. I can be contacted at www.privatedetective.co.uk where teams of dedicated investigators, under my personal supervision, will be standing ready to assist individuals or businesses. It was great talking to you and I look forward to many more years of Spycatcheronline’s success in the fields of surveillance and personal protection.”

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