Spot, a very likeable Robot

Boston Dynamics, of course owned by Google, is causing quite a stir in the world of robotics with the introduction of their latest version of their original robot mule called Big Dog.  Now, 10 years on, it has released a video of Big Dog’s smaller and nimbler offspring – Spot.

This is an electric powered, 70Kg (with battery), hydraulically- actuated, four legged robot that we here at Spycatcher think is a thing of genius.

Boston Dynamics are not really saying too much about Spot and have simply let the video do the talking and Spot do the walking.  By opting for unconventional backward angled legs, like the legs of a goat, they appear to have a much more efficient walker that looks the part .  Spot actually hops around like a goat at times and can quite nimbly negotiate narrow corridors, stairs, hills, running alongside someone (and another Spot), uneven ground and even some pretty swift kicks from not very friendly co workers (I did feel a little sorry for the poor fella when this happened).

There appears to be some kind of rotating, scanner/camera where a goat’s head would normally be which could be some kind of LIDAR system for navigation.

We are still not quite sure what the exact applications for a robotic goat are but all the same we think this advancement in robotics is pretty cool.  Maybe this technology could be the start of the now legendary All Terrain Armoured Transporters (ATAT Walkers) from the Star Wars Trilogy.