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SG5 Wideband Digital Bug DetectorSG5 Wideband Digital Bug Detector
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SG5 Wideband Digital Bug Detector


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The SG5 bug detector is so small it can fit on a key ring yet it has a frequency coverage range of 20Mhz to a staggering 3000Mhz making it ideal for finding covert spy equipment. The SG5 detects transmissions on frequencies including GSM, CDMA, DECT & DAMPS.

The device's multiple operational modes make it perfect for bug detection in any environment. The unit features both an overt bleep mode and a covert vibration mode both of which detect any kind of wireless transmitting device within its range.

The bug detector features five different levels of sensitivity, each of which contains seven grades of signal strength to ensure accuracy in environments of varying levels of interference.

The SG5 bug detector recognises both audio and video transmitters and the sensitivity setting conveniently locates the source of the transmission, guiding you straight to the device.

For discreet on-the-go bug detection the SG5 is the perfect apparatus.

Normal mode
Detects NFM and WFM transmitters.
5 switchable levels of sensitivity.
Each level of sensitivity has 7 grades of signal strength.
Each signal strength indicated by the length of LED flashing.

Digital mode
Detects interrupted digital signal including GSM, CDMA, DECT, DAMPS.

Tremble mode
Unit vibrates when it detects a signal.
All audio alerts are switched off.

Automatic switch off
After 30 minutes the unit automatically switches off.

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