Wireless Air Freshener Concealed Camera With Receiver

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This ordinary looking air-freshener is a standalone hidden camera, fitted with a pinhole lens and transmitter which sends footage across to the receiver (provided) for live viewing.

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Wireless Air Freshener Concealed Camera With Receiver

This is a standalone air freshener, which doesn’t appear suspicious at all so is ideal for covert surveillance, equipped with an integrated pinhole camera lens and a built-in transmitter. This hidden colour camera can transmit footage to the receiver we provide. The receiver just needs to be set up within range and connected to your DVR or TV with a SCART or Phono cable.

This product does not involve any wires or other connections between the transmitter and receiver, therefore could have many uses. Inside the air freshener is a 5,200 mAh Li-Ion battery pack (a charger for the battery is provided).

Transmitting Range: 100M (within line of sight) or 30M (indoors).

If you require this product to be used with a computer or laptop, you will need to purchase a USB recording device (USB Video Recorder).

This camera is also available as an all-in-one device with HD camera and integrated recorder.