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UV Marker Pen

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UV Marker Pen

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Ultraviolet marker pens are a fantastically practical security solution. They allow objects to be invisibly security marked without leaving any indication that it is in fact an object that is being monitored. Whilst it doesn’t act as deterrent, UV marking is a great identification method after a crime has been committed.

This UV marker writes in permanent ultraviolet ink that can only been seen under UV light by using a specific torch or ‘black light’. For portable ease we would recommend our Mini UV Lamp for use with this marker pen.

UV marking is an ideal method of monitoring suspicious behaviour in the home or work place. Simply mark relevant items or valuables and leave them in a natural place. If they go missing and are found in the perpetrator’s possession they will be easily identifiable under a UV light.

This ultraviolet marker pen is a simple, swift and cost effective security measure.

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