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Thermal Imaging Scope

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Thermal Imaging Scope

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This hand held thermal imaging scope is an extremely effective addition to any security system or hunting party, providing unprecedented nighttime identification of people, animals and vehicles. The scope allows the user to see objects that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, even in zero light or adverse weather conditions.

This thermal imaging scope is able to identify a vehicle up to 1.5km away and it’s thermal detection hardware is able to penetrate atmospheric disturbances such as haze, smoke, dust, rain and snow making it a highly effective alternative to night vision goggles.

This unit features a precision tracking function that will identify and follow the hottest spot on the screen to ensure the user doesn’t lose their quarry. It is also the lightest thermal imaging scope in the world and the supplied helmet mount further increases the device’s portability. Its rugged waterproof casing ensures reliability in even the most challenging environments.

The thermal imaging unit also features photo and video functions to capture any images seen through the scope. The device is supplied with a 2GB SD card and exports JPEG and AVI file formats making it compatible with nearly all PC, Mac and Linux operating systems. The unit’s rechargeable battery will provide up to 8 hours of continuous use.

A truly robust and multifunctional device, this thermal imaging scope is an ideal addition to any security or hunting endeavour.

Please note: An export licence is required to certain countries. Please phone for more information.

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