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Survival Bracelet

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Survival Bracelet – 3.8m Military Grade Para Cord

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A truly portable item of survival gear, Survival Bracelets unravels into a 3.8m length of military spec parachute cord that can support up to 250kg.

When unravelled these invaluable bracelets can help construct shelters, set traps, repair clothing, snare prey or even suspend yourself and your kit above ground and out of harms way.

The secure fastening clasp also features a built in emergency whistle to attract attention when injured or stuck in a dangerous situation. Lightweight, robust and weatherproof, Survival Bracelets can go anywhere you dare to go.

Survival Bracelets are available in brown, green or pink to suit every person in any environment. They are a simple, effective and essential addition to any wilderness survival kit.

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