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Ski Goggles HD Video Camera

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Ski Goggles HD Video Camera

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These HD camera goggles are the must have item for the ski season. These ski and snowboard goggles feature an HD 1280x720p video camera situated right in the middle of their frame to capture the ultimate 1st person videos – your ride, just as you experience it. The goggles also have a wind protected microphone to catch the full sonic experience, even at top speed.

The HD camera has a 135° wide angle lens that provides an excellent field of view, capturing the most action possible. It records video at 30 frames per second instead of the usual 24fps meaning that every detail, no matter how quick will be obtained.

The camera also operates as 5 megapixel stills camera allowing you to instantly snap pictures at the press of a button – no fumbling for your camera or dropping your gloves off the chairlift on your next winter holiday.

The lens is polarised and anti-fog treated and the goggles can be worn with a helmet.

Can support cards up to 32GB. The internal rechargeable battery will provide 4 hours of continuous recording on each charge.

To view your films and photos or to recharge the camera just plug it into your computer with the USB cable supplied. Don’t miss a minute of the action this year, get these goggles on.

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