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Self Defence Stain Spray – Small

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Self Defence Stain Spray – Small

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This self defence canister sprays a jet of purple UV viscous dye designed to immobilise attackers and stain their skin for later identification. Developed as a personal safety alternative for countries where pepper spray is illegal, this system operates on the similar principles of deter, escape and identify.

The can alone will act as a deterrent and if the spray is still needed it will render the attacker temporarily incapacitated giving the victim the opportunity to escape. The die will then stain the skin of the attacker for up to 48 hours helping them to be identified by law enforcement authorities. Additionally, the UV agent in the dye will continue to mark the attacker after they think the die has been washed off.

The canister emits a precision jet which gives the user the benefit of both accuracy and range. This means the attacker can be temporarily stopped from a safe distance and the chances of the user accidentally staining themselves or innocent third parties is greatly reduced.

The can is fitted with a safety cap that, whilst quick and easy to operate, prevents any accidental release of dye, making it a safe and portable self defence tool. It also features a pen clip for further ease of storage and deployment. This small canister has a 3m spray range and is filled with 19g of UV dye. Self Defence Stain Spray is also available in larger, longer lasting spray that boasts a 4-5m range for more intense personal protection needs. 

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