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Scan25 X-Ray Letter and Bag Screener-0
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Scan25 X-Ray Letter and Bag Screener

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Scan25 X-Ray Letter and Bag Scanner

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The Scan25 is a large capacity cabinet x-ray scanner that is ideal for any high-risk office or residence. The x-ray scanner is capable of scanning anything from a letter to briefcases and handbags providing a broad security solution that covers all materials entering a building or compound.

The Scan25’s 56cm x 42cm x-ray chamber make it ideal for scanning letters, parcels, curious packages, york trays, computers and tablets and personal luggage.

The 17″inch monitor displays instant hi-resolution x-ray images of the contents of the cabinet and can either be installed on the device itself, on a desk top or wired to a control room. The system features an auto-enhance function to ensure crisp images that can either be viewed in colour or in negative.

The Scan25 also feature several image enhancement modes for highlighting low, medium and high density materials as well as powders, syringes and circuitry. This is essential in preventing biochemical attacks from substances such as anthrax and ricin.

The Scan25 unit is designed to occupy a minimum floor area with modest dimensions of H: 161.5cm x W: 43 cm x D: 61cm. The unit is on wheels allowing for easy transportation and storage, also making it ideal for temporary security perimeters.

The Scan25 x-ray scanner is designed to by easy to use by non-technical staff and basic operator training and x-ray image recognition charts can be supplied where required.

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