Recording 6 Way European Socket Strip-0
Recording 6 Way European Socket Strip-0
Recording 6 Way European Socket Strip-5358
Recording 6 Way European Socket Strip-5360

Recording 6 Way European Socket Strip

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Recording 6 Way European Socket Strip

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A hidden voice recorder is housed within this fully functional 6 way European socket strip. Featuring a sophisticated voice activation module, the recording device will activate when any sound is detected in the room and continue to record until the module registers a prolonged silence.

The bugging device is supplied with a 2GB SD card that is capable of storing 37 hours of audio recording, and is compatible with cards of up to 32GB which would provide a staggering 576 hours of audio capture.

The voice recorder outputs .wav files making it entirely compatible with PC or Mac computers through most media players. The unit is powered through the mains supply so there is never any need to change batteries and the recorder can continue to store data as long as there is room on the SD card.

It is impossible to tell the multitap plug adaptor apart from any other bought from a regular shop. It looks perfectly at home in any professional or domestic environment.

The unit has no moving parts and operates in complete silence. The voice recorder is capable of capturing sounds up to 5 metres (15 feet) away. For simplicity and value, this audio surveillance unit is extremely hard to beat.

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