DAB Radio Alarm Clock With Built In Camera Wifi

£249.00 exc Vat £298.80 inc Vat

This fully functional DAB Radio Alarm houses a hidden Wi-Fi camera that provides remote audio and video surveillance from anywhere in the world using any a smart phone. Wi-Fi cameras are the latest development in covert surveillance equipment providing unprecedented video monitoring.

SD Card



This excellent, fully-functioning DAB radio with a built in surveillance camera is a great portable size and high quality. This DAB radio with a built camera is a surveillance service and an important tool in the detection and prevention of crime.

The product records footage in high resolution which can be instantly transmitted across your Wi-Fi network. This means footage can be viewed live from anywhere, providing there is access to the Internet. You can view the live footage using any device, like a smartphone or tablet, at any time.

This smart, exclusive product is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate without needing technical knowledge. However, our team are here if you need help to get it up and running.

Fully-functioning DAB radio and alarm
Powered from the mains, so battery life is not a concern
The camera will not operate unless the radio is plugged into a mains power supply

Video resolution: 1080p/720p/640p/320p
H264 compression
Video file type: .AVI
Angle of View: 90 degrees (approx.)
Motion Detection Recording.
Storage consumption (SD card) 1gb per hour at 1080p resolution
Storage: up to 64GB SD Card (Not included)
Mobile phone operation system Android / iOS

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Weight1700 kg