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Mini Infinity GSM Audio Transmitter

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Mini Infinity GSM Audio Transmitter

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This is a fantastic value tri-band listening device that can transmit from most places in the  world via GSM. Operated over cellular telephone networks, simply insert an active SIM card, deposit the device in your location of choice and then dial in from any global destination.

This minuscule device has a standby time of up to 3 days and a listening time of approximately 5 hours. The S.I.G uses an extremely sensitive four-condenser microphone and needs no external software or configuration. The SIG weighs only 24g and measures in a 43mm x 33mm x 13mm.

The S.I.G is supplied in a specially designed, and extremely small casing and is ideal for swift and subtle installation when audio surveillance is needed quickly, efficiently and effectively.

When the unit detects sound it can be programmed to call you to listen live.

This will not work in the USA or Canada and a few other countries  that do not support the 2g network.

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