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Long-Range Laser Audio Surveillance Device

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Long-Range Laser Listening Device

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The long-range laser audio surveillance device is a sophisticated unit designed for use in situations when a building cannot be accessed to place a room monitoring transmitter. This is the most advanced laser listening device in the world and will allow the operator to monitor conversations in a room from over 450 metres away.

The laser listening device utilises a high-powered infrared beam that, when pointed at a window, is able to detect minute vibrations in the glass created by the sound of people talking. Using these vibrations the device is able to transmit the conversation by bouncing the vibrations back through the infra-red beam to a receiver where they are filtered, amplified and fed into the device’s amplifier.

The long-range laser audio surveillance device is a highly covert surveillance system due not only to the range at which it can be used but also due to the infrared laser beam being completely invisible to the naked eye. To further camouflage the device both the transmitter and the receiver are built into standard SLR cameras making the whole system look like a photographic set up and allowing for perfect concealment.

The laser audio surveillance device is a precise unit that relies on the specific alignment of the transmitter and receiver and as such is supplied with sturdy tripods for both components. Included within the price of the device is a three day training course to ensure the best results possible for any surveillance operation. The training will take place in Germany (travel and subsistance not included). The laser listening device is supplied in a robust flight case with all necessary accessories, for full specifications details please refer to the ‘specifications’ tab.

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