Light Switch Hidden Camera Video Recorder

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This product is excellent quality and intelligently designed to be as covert and discrete as possible. It looks like a normal light switch, but conceals a hidden spy camera that is undetectable by the human eye.

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Light Switch Hidden Camera Video Recorder

This hidden spy camera is practically invisible to the human eye – even upon close inspection of the device, the camera cannot be detected. This makes this design of this product ideal for very covert surveillance. It just looks like a normal light switch. The Light Switch Hidden Camera Video Recorder saves its footage to a micro SD card. It records in high definition (HD 1280 x 720p) when HD mode is selected, and standard recording definition is 640 x 480p.

The product has a built in PIR (passive infrared sensor), which allows you to put it in a motion-activated mode. The camera remains on standby unless the PIR is triggered, which saves both battery life and storage consumption for the micro SD. The camera can remain in standby mode for up to around 5 days, but the more frequently it is activated through the motion detection, the shorter the battery life will be.


  • Standard definition recording (640 x 480p) or HD option (1280 x 720p).
  • Continuous recording or motion-detection recording (PIR sensor)
  • Virtually invisible hidden camera, even at point blank range it will not be detected
  • Storage: micro SD card (up to 32GB) – not included