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Life After Terrorism – Book

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Life After Terrorism Book

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What do you need to know to protect your family in today’s world? To begin, you need to know the history of terrorists – who they are and what methods they use. You need to have some knowledge of chemistry, microbiology, genetics, physiology and anatomy. You must learn about hazardous materials, radiological defense and nuclear weapons effects. You need to know about food and water storage and escape routes from where you live and work. It helps to know what emergency management and disaster response look like from the inside.

What you really need is the help of Dr. Bruce Clayton, author of the nuclear-survival classic, Life After Doomsday. In Life After Terrorism Dr. Clayton takes a look at today’s terrorist threats, assesses their dangers realistically and explains in practical terms what you can do to reduce your risks. Hopefully, your family will never be the victims of a terrorist attack, but after September 11, do you want to bet on it? When your loved ones’ lives are at stake, you can’t afford to be naive or make mistakes. Prepare now for life after terrorism.

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