Induction Earpiece with Squelch A
Induction Earpiece with Squelch A
Induction Earpiece with Squelch B
Induction Earpiece with Squelch C

Induction Earpiece with Squelch

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Induction Earpiece with Squelch

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This miniature Bluetooth earpiece offers enhanced covert communication with either a Bluetooth enable cellular device or a two way radio via a induction neck loop. The tiny earpiece sits invisibly in the ear and is almost impossible to detect.

Any audio traffic from the communication device that is linked to the induction neck loop will automatically be wirelessly transmitted to the invisible earpiece and provide a constant stream of communication without the need for any switches or buttons.

This model of invisible earpiece features squelch circuitry that mutes the amplifier during periods when no signal (i.e. radio receive) is present. This feature removes the “hiss” which is present in conventional wireless earpieces and its absence should not be treated as a fault.

The invisible earpiece is supplied with a kit including carrying pouch, four A10 batteries, fifteen wax filters, and one wax filter tool.

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