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Electronic Wall/Floor Safe

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Electronic safe

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This is the same safe as you’ll find in most hotel rooms around the world today and is operated by an easy to change 3-6 digit code, which can even be changed every time you use the safe.  To lock the safe the user simply closes the door and presses the lock button, or changes the code if so desired and the word ‘closed’ appears on the digital display, the safe is now locked. 

To open the safe simply re-enter the latest code and the motors will pull back the two, 20mm thick bolts and the door will open. The safe also features swipe card access and can be programmed with any electronic swipe card such as credit or debit cards. This allows your regular bank card to become the key to your safe. There’s also a  backup mechanism for opening the safe should the code be lost or the 4 x ‘AA’ 1.5v  batteries run out..

The dimensions of these safes are perfect for storing most laptop computers, cameras and other valuables and there are even holes in the back and bottom for fixing it to the wall or floor. These safes are supplied with bolts and raw plugs, back up key and internal carpets.

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