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Drop Camera

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Drop Camera – underwater videography to 60m

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The drop camera is a versatile aquatic surveillance device that captures fantastic underwater video at depth range of up to 60m. The high quality camera is housed within a pressure treated, waterproof submersible with a tapered aerodynamic fin and an adjustable weight to control the angle of the camera.

The camera is supplied with a 20m coil of cable through which the video image is relayed to the surface, and which is also used for retrieving the camera from the depths. The camera is capable of working in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C and so will work in most natural aquatic environments through out the world.

The drop camera has multiple applications including boat maintenance, marine security, wildlife videography, underwater exploration and recreational filming. The drop camera is supplied with a portable high resolution video monitor and a toughened waterproof flight case to ensure protection in even the roughest conditions.

The camera housing also contains 9 white LEDs that cast an illuminating beam allowing the camera to capture objects up to 6 metres away at depth, at night or in limited light conditions.

The complete drop camera kit contains the camera, cable, remote control, rechargeable battery, connecting cables, monitor, instruction manual and toughened flight case.

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