Camouflage T-shirt - Digital Pattern-0
Camouflage T-shirt - Digital Pattern-0
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Camouflage T-shirt – Digital Pattern

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US Marine Style Digital Camouflage T-Shirt

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This military style cotton t-shirt features an ultra modern digital camouflage pattern. Digital camo, or MARPAT, was developed by the US Marine’s and is considered to be a more advanced and more effective form of camouflage than the traditional macropattern style.

The digital camouflage pattern dispenses of the traditional large blobs of colour in favour of small rectangular pixels. MARPAT is a far more effective camouflage than standard uniform patterns because its micropattern design mimics the dappled textures and rough boundaries found in natural settings.

Digital camouflage is used exclusively by the US Marines. This colour-way is part of the US Marine dessert uniform.

Digital camouflage t-shirts are available in S, M & L.

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