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Rucksack Indicator

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This is a panel that attaches to your ruck sack to indicate to following traffic whether you intend turning left, right, going straight ahead or stopping.

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One of the most annoying and lets face it dangerous aspects of cycling on the roads today is that no other road users know what the cyclist is going to do next.

But now with this simple but brilliant product life will be safer for cyclists as it alerts other road users to their intentions and is almost as important as a helmet.

The signalling panel attaches to any ruck sack by way of four strong, adjustable and easy to clip straps and will alert following traffic, through a series of arrows, whether you intend turning left, right, stopping or going straight ahead.

The super bright LED’s mean that this is visible in broad daylight as well as at night.

This is so versatile you could even attach it to the back of your jacket.

This is a very lightweight panel that is supplied with a wireless remote control activator to strap to your handlebars.

Inside the panel is a pocket with a USB lead which you can simply plug in to your computer to recharge the display panel when required

Why no one has thought of this before is beyond us but better late than never.

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