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Crack and Cocaine Detection Kit-0
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Crack and Cocaine Detection Kit

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Crack and Cocaine Detection Kit

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An incredibly sensitive drug test, this crack and cocaine confirmation kit’s highly advanced chemical system only detects crack and cocaine traces where other kits might also show false positive confirmation for similar substances.

This drug testing kit not only identifies crack and cocaine but is also able to differentiate between the two substances for a more accurate presumptive identification of illegal drugs.

Incredibly simple to use, just remove the identifying stick from the outer housing and expose it to the suspect substance before returning it to the main body of the unit. There are two built-in capsules that are individually broken depending on whether crack or cocaine is being tested for. Shake the unit exposing the substance to the identification fluid and if the fluid turns green then the presence of crack or cocaine has been confirmed.

These highly effective and rapid drug testing kits are one of the most simple and effective ways of accurately identifying the presence of crack or cocaine.

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